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Selling Leads

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  • Sell Calcined Fused Alumina

    Calcined Fused Alumina Specificatons: F24-F36 Al2O3:95%min SiO2:1.5%max Fe2O3:0.2%max TiO2:3%max Packing: In 1000kg plastic woven bag Specificatons: F40-F120 Al2O3:94%min...
    Related Keywords : Calcined Fused Alumina

    Sell Calcined Fused Alumina

  • Sell Graphite Scrap

    Graphite Scrap have high-canbon,low-sulpher,low-nitrogen,low-harmful impurity etc. It is a new material which can improve technology and the quanlity in steel-making.In recent year, it can...
    Related Keywords : Graphite Scrap

    Sell Graphite Scrap

  • Sell Calcium Aluminate

    Calcium Aluminate is fuse in a furnace under high temperature from mixture of bauxite and other materials. There are many uses for calcium aluminate as an industrial mineral. But to steel...
    Related Keywords : Calcium Aluminate

    Sell Calcium Aluminate

  • Sell Calcined Petroleum Coke

    Calcined Petroleum Coke Specificatons: 0.5-5mm FC:98%min Ash:0.8%max V.M:0.5%max S:0.5%max Moisture:1.0%max Packing:In 1000kg plastic woven bag Specificatons:...
    Related Keywords : Calcined Petroleum Coke

    Sell Calcined Petroleum Coke

  • Sell Carbon Additive

    Carbon Additives made from well-selected Tai Xi anthracite. Mainly used in steelmaking in electrical stove,screening water quality, shipbuilding sandblast removing rust, producing carbon...
    Related Keywords : Carbon Additive

    Sell Carbon Additive

  • Sell Silicon Carbide Briquette(SiC Ball)

    SIC Ball is mainly used in Powering Stove and Electric Furnace. It is a kind of deoxidizer in the process of Iron Foundries and Steel Mills. The factories of Special Steel, Stainless Steel,...
    Related Keywords : Silicon Carbide Briquette, Silicon Carbide Ball, Hexagon Briquette, Square

    Sell Silicon Carbide Briquette(SiC Ball)

  • Sell Brown Fused Alumina

    Brown Fused Alumina is electrically fused in an arc furnace form a mixture of bauxite, coke (anthracite) as main raw materials at high temperature. Its chemical composition contains AL2O3,...
    Related Keywords : Brown Fused Alumina

    Sell Brown Fused Alumina

  • Sell Calcium Ferrite

    This product mainly adopts high-calcium compound pre-melting materials. The product ingredient is uniform and quality is stable. It can effectively improve converter metallurgical process,...
    Related Keywords : Calcium Ferrite

    Sell Calcium Ferrite

  • Sell Graphitized Calcined Petroleum Coke

    Graphitized Calcined Petroleum Coke is used extensively in the steel-making, casting non-ferrous metals. Specifications: FC: 98%min S: 0.05%max Moisture: 1%max Size: 0.5-5mm;...
    Related Keywords : Graphitized Calcined Petroleum Coke

    Sell Graphitized Calcined Petroleum Coke

(1 - 9 out of 9 total Selling Leads)


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